What We Do

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Systems Engineering

We optimize your facilities for untapped
environmental and operational benefits.

- Soilless agriculture facilities / hydroponics / aeroponics
- Water infrastructure, Water-treatment plants
- Waste-to-energy plants
- Biomass plants

Restructuring of these systems can lead to reduced maintenance costs, more pleasant facility environment.

Building Interface Modeling icon

Building Interface Modelling

Building Interface Modeling ensures unity
of architecture and engineered systems
We use Advanced 3D Modelling to identify enhancement possibilities of plants and systems
to cut operational and construction costs.
This avoids spacial conflicts during construction and operation, and can have organizational and operational benefits.

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Ecotech Product Design

Creating Desirable Products with environmental scope

- Aero/hydroponic Farming units
- Food/Feed-Insect rearing apparatuses
- Small scale water and hygiene units
- Drone and robotics delivery platforms

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Ecomorphic Architecture

Climate responsive and energy-conscious architectural design lowers energy consumption costs for your facility.
We create useful architecture, which provides a pleasant environment at the same time.