About Us

About Us

Emergence of biotechnology and ecological systems has prompted a revolution in design and engineering.

Using a combined engineering and design approach, we create an efficient and pleasant Product, Building or Facility for your technology.

We Design Living Systems.

What We Do

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Systems Engineering

We optimize your facilities for untapped
environmental and operational benefits.

- Soilless agriculture facilities / hydroponics / aeroponics
- Water infrastructure, Water-treatment plants
- Waste-to-energy plants
- Biomass plants

Restructuring of these systems can lead to reduced maintenance costs, more pleasant facility environment.

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Building Interface Modelling

Building Interface Modeling ensures unity
of architecture and engineered systems
We use Advanced 3D Modelling to identify enhancement possibilities of plants and systems
to cut operational and construction costs.
This avoids spacial conflicts during construction and operation, and can have organizational and operational benefits.

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Ecotech Product Design

Creating Desirable Products with environmental scope

- Aero/hydroponic Farming units
- Food/Feed-Insect rearing apparatuses
- Small scale water and hygiene units
- Drone and robotics delivery platforms

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Ecomorphic Architecture

Climate responsive and energy-conscious architectural design lowers energy consumption costs for your facility.
We create useful architecture, which provides a pleasant environment at the same time.

Our Work

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Roland Németh - Project lead, Architecture

with 6 years of experience in Indoor farming, Water treatment facility and Biogas facility architecture.

I am focused on participating in and delivering projects concerned with Water Management, Wastewater Treatment, and Urban Ecosystems. These projects have to be economically feasible, and also architecturally appealing to the city inhabitants, which - through the densification of cities - increasingly come into contact with such infrastructural elements.

In order to do this, I combine the necessary engineering elements to achieve an architectural unity, that provides a pleasant environment, in addition to being useful.

Roland Daniel Nemeth image

Kovács Zoltán Tamás – Industrial engineer/Product designer

more than 5 years of experience in product design

I deliver innovative product design, involving cutting edge technology, such as rapid prototyping, 3d printing and seamless microcontroller integration. Bringing automation and the Internet Of Things to the product level is what I do best.

Mathieu PAVAGEAU – M&E Design Engineer

with 6 years of experience in designing renewable energy systems

I fully design renewable energy installations, providing technical drawings and complete M&E specifications to heating engineers. I work in the commercial and industrial market, designing energy efficient district heating systems feeding multiple buildings and facilities.

Mathieu Pavageau